adhcp_client - A DHCPv4 client written in Ada


adhcp_client -i iface [-e notify_binary] [-1] [-A]


adhcp_client is a DHCPv4 client written in the Ada programming language. It is part of the ADHCP project.


The ADHCP client runs the DHCPv4 protocol on the given iface to acquire address and network configuration from a DHCPv4 server.

After acquiring a lease, adhcp_client propagates the lease data to NetworkManager(8) using adhcp_notify_dbus(8). Alternatively, the default notification mechanism can be overridden by specifying a custom external notification binary by using the -e option described below.


-i iface

The interface to configure.

-e notify_binary

The binary to call for external notifications, the default is /usr/local/sbin/adhcp_notify_dbus. The specified external program is called when the client transitions to the Bound, Preinit, Rebind and Renew states.


Run in one-shot mode. In this mode adhcp_client will exit after acquiring a lease. If the client does not receive a lease within one minute it will exit with a failure (timeout).


Perform IPv4 Address Collision Detection as specified by RFC 5227. Before using an assigned IPv4 address the client sends ARP probes to determine if another host on the same link is already using the address. If a collision is detected the offer is refused and the transaction is restarted.



The ADHCP website can be found at


adhcp_notify_dbus(8), adhcp_notify_simple(8), adhcp_relay(8).